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 TourPressClub stand. leisure Moscow 2017

Once I read a wonderful phrase:

“Doing business without advertising – is like winking girls in complete darkness. In both cases, about your actions only you know.” Stewart Henderson Britt

Just think about these words! PR … yes, I know what Public Relations mean … but I would have translated it differently.

PR is PRess for PRomotion ..

If  you want to offer to tourists or any customers – a wonderful hotel,  spa, thalassotherapy course, new products, services, a new company – contact me as a PR specialist.

I have big of experience working with media and bloggers. I can to help you to attract information partners for any of your events – exhibition, press conference, festival, forum, competition, events of the company. You get a bright advertisement in a short time across media space with my assistence.

My articles and photos in press

I am member of Guild of travel journalists, russian United Media Association. Journalist FIJET.

My articles and photos were published in the magazine “Russian Travel & Culture Industry Magazine”. international magazine “Tourist”,DoctorGEO&SPA and e-magazine “TourPressClub”.

«Турист» № 6, 2017

«Турист» № 6, 2017

журнал Турист № 4 2017

журнал Турист № 4 2017