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 TourPressClub stand. leisure Moscow 2017

Once I read a wonderful phrase:

“Doing business without advertising – is like winking girls in complete darkness. In both cases, about your actions only you know.” Stewart Henderson Britt

Just think about these words! PR … yes, I know what Public Relations mean … but I would have translated it differently.

PR is PRess for PRomotion ..

If  you want to offer to tourists or any customers – a wonderful hotel,  spa, thalassotherapy course, new products, services, a new company – contact me as a PR specialist.

I have big of experience working with media and bloggers. I can to help you to attract information partners for any of your events – exhibition, press conference, festival, forum, competition, events of the company. You get a bright advertisement in a short time across media space with my assistence.

My articles and photos in press

I am member of Guild of travel journalists, russian United Media Association. Journalist FIJET.

My articles and photos were published in the magazine “Russian Travel & Culture Industry Magazine”. international magazine “Tourist”,DoctorGEO&SPA and e-magazine “TourPressClub”.

«Турист» № 6, 2017

«Турист» № 6, 2017

журнал Турист № 4 2017

журнал Турист № 4 2017

Photo contest “I want to go to Tunisia” is over

With Mr. Mohamed Ali Сhihi, Ambassador of Tunisia to Russia

With Mr. Mohamed Ali Сhihi, Ambassador of Tunisia to Russia

Photo contest “I want to go to Tunisia” is over.
Photo contest was organized International Magazine “Tourist” with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia to the Russian Federation and Tunisian National Tourist Office and took place in Facebook  group  “Tunisia for travel”  and in Instagram with hashtag   #хочувтунис #фототунис #туриствтунис