For hotel and resort – expert-travels as a secret guest










I  am suggest  for you make an examination of the work of your hotel or resort as a secret guest.

Duration: few nights in the hotel.
I am Your expert at service in hotels with great experience in tourism.

Invite your expert in tourism who knows what a Russian tourist needs in a hotel, in a restaurant, in a spa. Expert-travels give you recommendation taking into account the Russian mentality, national characteristics and traditional habits, since tourists from Russia differ from tourists from Europe and Asia.

I am incognito arrive in the hotel as a client and check the service, objectively assessing the quality and professionalism of the staff.
Why it important for you?
If you are owner or General Manager,
you want to achieve higher efficiency of the hotel operation,
when your hotel is losing its competitiveness and permanent guests are beginning to go to other hotels and you want to know the causes of this problem.

An exemplary  plan

Step 1-preparation
We are define the tasks that wants to solve the hotelier (owner).
We are make plan for check what processes draw attention and make of clear quality criteria.

Step 2 – work expert in the hotel:
Professionalism conduct telephone conversations;
Analysis work all staff
The behavior of the staff with the guests at the hotel;
The process of registration of the clients;
Checking equipment rooms;
Analysis of the catering service ;
Addressing the complex and conflict situations, etc.

Step 3 – report and recommendations.
report with the argument.- records video, photos and other. Development of solutions to problems.
Issuance of recommendations.

The most effective result of the expert’s work is a constant quality control program,
when an expert can compare the results from the first visit and follow-up.

 As bonus
after test all services in your hotel i will post a review in TripAdvisor, in media space, on my website.

I entered the TripAdvisor TOP BEST  of reviewers!  I have near 190 550 readers.

My e-mail

TOP TripAdvisor 190 550 readers

TOP TripAdvisor 190 550 readers

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